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Today people are much more aware about the benefits of regular exercise. But improper exercise can lead to health hazards or can be less beneficial than proper exercise according to one�s body type. Why are so many people overweight? Being overweight is caused not only by overeating, but by living a sedentary lifestyle. But the human body is designed for physical activity. The need to exercise is a natural, healthy impulse that we must nurture. According to Ayurvedic theory, "from physical exercise one obtains lightness, capacity to work, elimination of impurities from the body, firmness of the body, efficiency of digestion, and balance of metabolism. Ayurvedic or Sattvic exercise places an emphasis on physical, mental, and energetic bodies. Proper exercise not only burns calories and increases your muscle mass, but can also improve your flexibility, coordination, balance, breathing, posture and strength. The mind benefits from Ayurveda exercise, too; self-awareness, mental agility, self-image, and self-sufficiency are all important goals in this program. When we exercise in the Ayurvedic tradition, we focus not on future goals (such as weight loss or fat burning) but on the exercise itself, coming in tune with our breathing, physical responses, and sense of well-being. Look below for more information on Ayurveda and exercise.
Practical aspect of exercise 1:The weight-loss benefits of exercise are most associated with frequency, not long duration or high intensity. For example, jogging in the park every day along with weight training twice a week will produce much more noticeable results than simply jogging once a week. 2:Low-intensity, moderate-duration exercise programs are the best for promoting weight loss and maintenance. One major goal of Ayurveda exercise is to reset your resting metabolic rate; with frequent exercise, your body will expend energy at a higher, more normal rate, even when you are not exercising. 3:Perform exercise that is pleasurable to both the body and mind. The clich� "no pain, no gain" does not apply here. Do not think of exercise as a chore or as something that causes pain. Instead, look forward to your daily workout; if your mind is content with exercise, your body will reap the same pleasure. 4:Exercise to 50% of your maximum capacity. For example, if you can bench-press up to 100 pounds, try pressing only 50 pounds. If you begin by exercising at 50% of your maximum capacity, your maximum capacity will rise as you become stronger. 5:Do not over-exercise. Over-exercise can lead to injury and can even slow your metabolism
What's Your Type of Exercise? Here is a list of activities recommended for each dosha. You may wish to take our free membership and know about our body type from our experienced doctors before taking up this section.
Exercises for Vata Types: These exercises incorporate slow, synchronized movements that will not cause exhaustion or unnecessary mental disturbance. Aerobics, low-impact ,Horseback riding ,Archery ,Ice skating (indoors) ,Badminton ,Judo ,Baseball, Sailing, Bicycle ,(leisurely) ,Step-training, Bowling, Swimming, Dancing, Tai chi, Golf ,Table tennis ,Gymnastics ,Walking, Hiking Yoga
Exercises for Pitta Types: These are exercises that balance the fire element, are somewhat (but not excessively) competitive, and draw on speed, strength, stamina, and concentration. Basketball, Skiing ,Bicycling (moderate) ,Soccer ,Field hockey, Sprinting ,Football, Tennis ,Gymnastics, Surfing, Ice hockey ,Water skiing, Ice skating (in/outdoors) ,Windsurfing ,Kayaking, Yoga, Karate ,Walking/Jogging ,Mountain biking, Weight lifting ,Mountain climbing, Rollerblading
Exercises for Kapha Types: These exercises take advantage of a great capacity for strength and endurance while often having a stimulating and intense nature. Aerobics, Racquetball ,Basketball ,Rock climbing ,Bicycling ,Rollerblading, Bowling, Rowing ,Calisthenics, Shot put, Cross country, skiing ,Skiing ,Football, Stairclimbing, Gymnastics ,Tennis, Ice skating ,Walking (long distance) ,Jogging (long distance)

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