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Ayurvedic Treatment For Autism and Cerebral Palsy

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Introduction Autism is the end result of systematic toxins such as Mercury in the body causing this tridoshic disease which is especially a gross imbalance of vata and particularly prana vata which is the vata seated in the mind controlling all mental functions such as speech, concentration, memory, learning and neurological response. The protocol for autism is focused on removing toxins from the system and at the same time nourishing and energising the cells so that they may repair. Mothers should follow this diet and protocol as strictly at possible for 6 months to a year and good effects will result. Besides diet specific practices such as massage, herbs and home-remedies have been indicated here. Autism should be treated with a multi-fold approach for quickest results. The entire family should follow and organic and natural diet too where and when possible. We urge schools for autistic children in INDIA AND ABROAD to adopt this protocol on a trial basis for 6-months and observe the amazing changes in the children. Please send feedback to [email protected] � we appreciate your testimonials and will gladly publish them with your permission.
General Diet Rules: Vata pacifying general diet should be followed (see recipes below for Vata diet) Only ghee and olive oils should be used with a special emphasis on pure cow ghee. Ghee goes in and pulls out lipid soluble chemicals from the brain and nerve tissue, thus it detoxes the brain, nourishes the brain cells and repairs damage from the toxins that have caused the autism. To learn to make pure cow ghee please see recipes section below. Organic ingredients should be used as much as possible. Home made lassi (see recipes) should be served daily after lunch. � cup of yoghurt to � cups of water blended with spices such as cardamon, black pepper and cinnamon. A little jaggery or raw sugar can be added too. For a digestive lassi add cumin, coriander and ginger. 5-6 drops of coriander juice should be put into food each meal as a seasoning. Diluted fresh pomegranate juice should be taken daily if possible .
Avoid: All refined processed and chemical food (this includes white sugar, chips, chocolates, white flour, soft drinks and most anything you would find in a modern supermarket shelf) Leftovers Old cheeses Cold foods and drinks Microwaved food Nightshades and legumes other than green and white mung should be avoided All soya products and their derivatives should be avoided If you are lactose intolerant and can�t take organic milk then make almond or rice milk (do not purchase ready made milk powders). To make almond milk, soak and skin some almonds and blend with water.
Water Only filter water should be used for cooking and drinking. RO is the preferred method of filtration we suggest. Keep a few rose-quartz crystals in your water container to purify and energise the water.
Juices: Fresh sweet fruits should be juiced by a masticating juicer and taken every day at least 1-2 cup fulls apart from daily meals. Recommended juices for autism: Mango and Paw paw Apple and grape Grape and carrot Apple and carrot Paw paw and pineapple Litchi and apple Fresh fruit juices (especially if organic and in season) aid in detoxification of all tissues and are very calming and soothing to the mind and nerves. NB: Only use fruits that are in season and ideally organic otherwise peel them
Herbal Medicines: These are ayurvedic herbal formulae, available in india easily that will gently remove the toxins and also regenerate the damaged tissues as a result of the toxins. Please take medicines for 6 months at least as indicated below. �NIROGAM� LIV CARE CAPSULES � This medicine detoxifies the entire body and purifies the liver thus aiding the rapid removal of all heavy metals quickly from the body. It also amplifies the effects of the specific herbs such as Brahmi which are used to remove toxicity from the brain and purify the neural channels. To be taken with hot water 2-3 tablets twice a day. �NIROGAM� BRAIN TONE � This medicine contains Brahmi and Shankpushpi. It should be taken in a relatively large dose of at least 2 CAPSULES/3 TABS/4 TSF. twice daily. It can be taken with hot water as the vehicle of the medicine. Special note if the child will not take tablets both products listed above are available as a syrup too but first try the tablets. Hot spiced and sweetened (with jaggery) organic milk with brahmi powder (1 � tsp) should be taken first thing in the morning and just before bedtime. Brahmi with milk is a special elixir for autism. The milk must only be cows milk from happy organic cows. Quite easily available in most major centres in INDIA Special Note: If constipation is there, hot milk with ghee and ginger powder should be taken before bedtime as a home remedy. It can be slightly sweated with jaggery or raw organic sugar. If constipation is more chronic take 1-2 tablets of Triphalla nightly with hot water. Please be patient with herbs. You will need 2-3 months to start seeing results but please administer diligently. As children start to purify and regenerate the damaged tissues they will take more to the herbal medicines as they will know their efficacy from experience.
NB: All vitamin supplements and any allopathic medicine should be stopped soon as possible. The body can not easily assimilate chemically extracted vitamins. Rather get your vitamins from a balanced nutrition and strong digestive fire. Allopathic medicines should be phased out and stopped as they further add to toxicity. Check with your doctor and find natural substitutes or consult with a qualified Ayurvedic doctor. Make Brahmi Ghee by taking 2 cups of pure cow ghee and putting in brahmi powder and cooking it on a low heat for 3-4 hours. This should be taken daily with a little hot milk.
Clay Bathing: Clay Bathing: Clay has been found to have a wonderful chelating effect when applied trans-dermaly. You can order special clay baths from the Internet (see sources below) and follow the specific instructions for the required length of time. We would appreciate your feedback from clay baths too. Clay has the wonderful effect of pulling heavy metals gently out of our system. Please do not use local clay unless you are 100% sure it is unpolluted and contains no heavy metals. If using local clay look for pure Bentonite clay.
Sources All medicines can directly be ordered from us. Place your orders at [email protected] or through our website itself. ORDER NOW �NIROGAM� BRAIN TONE CAPSULES
Capsule Quantity Capsule Price
 30 Capsules Rs 3000
60   Capsules Rs 5000
120 Capsules Rs 9000

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